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  • Chris did hella sexy tracking.  Peter was hella impressed.
  • There was forehead touching.  Let’s be honest here, that was…very intimate and weird in the context of things.  I appreciate these acting choices.  That scene was incredibly intimate in a very violent way (good call, Ian.)
  • But let’s not forget Chris did hella sexy tracking.  Hella. Sexy. Tracking.  Hella.
  • Also I am amused that Parrish named Peter as one of the people Chris could use to motivate himself to unimpale himself. 

Anonymous asked:
"ditto, I thought the same about chris' eyes"

THANK YOU!  I was all wtf WHAT WILL HE BE.  And then I remembered that would make no sense whatsoever.  But THEN I remembered this is Teen Wolf.  Sense doesn’t necessarily need to be made.  So there was confusion.

Important Things I Learned From Teen Wolf 04 x 11
  • Parrish and Lydia totally hang out
  • Chris sciences.  And it totally gives Peter a boner.
  • Jeff Davis has no idea how human impalement and blood loss works.  Like, I’m super glad Chris is still alive after Peter phallically impaled him, but dude that was OVERNIGHT AND HE WAS DRIPPING BLOOD.
  • Deaton continues to be super badass
  • Peter needs to lose his license to parent for…like…FOREVER.
  • Parrish has red eyes!  If he isn’t a phoenix Jeff missed a golden opportunity.
  • Braeden.  Nuff said.
  • Apparently it is super easy to sneak beaten teenagers over the US/Mexican border.  Logic?!?
  • I totally ship Mason and Liam.  But also Liam and other werewolf guy.  Maybe Liam and Mason and other werewolf guy all together?  Yes, that sounds good.
  • I almost expected Chris’ eyes to change color during his rage scene.  Like for about .25 seconds.
  • That Liam/Mason scene was total deja vu.  STOP RECYCLING JACKSON AND DANNY, JEFF.

Peter, you piece of shit, you leave that child alone

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i literally never get tired of this post


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which female character is your favorite?


I feel like my crossplay has done well when a girl freaks out in the bathroom and says she thought she’s walked into the boys’ bathroom.

I got my picture with eaddy. Excuse me while I pass out.

Women of the Revolution