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queermccoy asked:
"peter hale"


(oh you perfect person, you. this is exactly the character I was hoping somebody would give me. actual favorite werewolf peter hale. also this somehow turned into petopher and got to be really long and I’m so sorry.)

What they smell like: Peter has many different scents that make up his scent. There are a few things that change often, though. You can always tell what he made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner by the spices coming off of him. Sometimes it’s oregano, sometimes basil, rosemary, thyme, herbes de provence, or in the winter when he’s partial to a steaming cup of cocoa, cinnamon. He always smells like old paper, though, because of the books he surrounds himself in. If it’s been a rough week with the pack, he smells like whiskey and cigarettes and vinyl (because he’s a purist). Derek will tell you that when he was younger, Peter’s scent always used to remind him of the hours after a summer rainstorm, when the sun was just starting to peek back in through the dark clouds. Now, he’d tell you that Peter smells like ash and gasoline—even though those scents faded years ago. These days it’s also becoming more and more common for Peter to smell like leather and gun oil. And if Chris happens to smell just like whatever Peter made for dinner, well, nobody’s commenting on it.

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Sunday fun with @MichaelTrucco and @iamjrbourne. #goofballs [x]

Sunday fun with @MichaelTrucco and @iamjrbourne. #goofballs [x]


Pilot Leia by *AdamHughes


let me find the words for you
when you can’t speak

let me be your armor

let me take the blows
that were meant for you

let me help you with the trials
you’re going through

let me stifle you
let me have control

let me smother
every aspect of your soul [x]


I've said those words thousands of times, 
but once again I'm sorry.
The very fact that this low celling is our sky
Makes me your umbrella and rain.

No, Karel, you are wrong.


This is my new favorite thing in the history of life

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That moment you realize you are Edmund

he almost gets them killed because he wants sweets

we’re still Edmund

Anonymous asked:
"i wasn't the biggest fan of isaac - though i did like him - but him leaving is so just UGHHH cos everybody's gone. now all we have from the originals is two werewolves and a stiles. sad ):"

And Lydia.  Let us not forget the wonder and glory of Lydia.

And Deaton and Chris and Peter and Melissa and Sheriff and Finstock.