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Am I the only person who saw the EXTREME parallels between last night’s episode of Teen Wolf, 2 x 04, “Abomination” and “Magic Bullet” (also, coincidentally, episode 4 of season 1).  And felt that “Abomination” was specifically set up to show exactly how far Derek and Stiles have come in trusting each other?  I’m not even talking in a ship sense here, but in a BROTP sense.  We have dinner with the Argents, we have the phone calls going awry between Stiles and Scott, we have Derek becoming mortally wounded and Stiles having to save him and then keep him alive for unaccounted for hours until Scott shows to make the last minute save.

But it’s not just a do over, not just a recycling and repeating of a prior plot.  Because there are important differences.  In “Magic Bullet”, Stiles is never really in danger.  He could walk away from Derek, sure, but neither is it costing him anything to stay and help save him, other than inconvenience, and while there’s never any real doubt Stiles will help Derek, he complains continuously, threatens to push him out of the car and leave him to die. 

In “Abomination”, Stiles’ life is in just as much danger as Derek’s.  In fact, Derek is initially injured trying to protect Stiles.  In this case, Stiles has plenty to gain, and not much to lose, by abandoning Derek to his fate.  But he doesn’t.  And not only doesn’t he leave him, he doesn’t even remotely pretend it’s a consideration.  There is no real hesitation AT ALL.  Stiles CHOOSES to risk his life for Derek.  In fact, in the last few minutes before Scott shows, he has essentially chosen to die with him, rather than abandon him.  The look on his face when Derek claims Stiles is only helping him to help himself is, frankly, heartbreaking.  And Derek figures it out, too, when Stiles, yes, drops him to go for the phone, but, instead of continuously trying to dial Scott - saving his own life - abandons the phone and uses his last bit of strength to keep Derek alive.

This is a far, far cry from the duo we saw in “Magic Bullet”.  Their entire relationship has morphed, and it is starkly demonstrated to Derek again, as it was in 1 x 09, that Stiles isn’t your average kid.  He risks for those he cares about; hell, he risks for those who repeatedly threaten him.  They obviously have a lot of obstacles to overcome, but this episode, not only for what it actually contained, but for its blatant parallels and contrasts to “Magic Bullet”, shows the potential this friendship has to achieve great things.  And I think it was very, very deliberate on Jeff Davis’ part.  The man is brilliant.

Therefore, I declare that in all future seasons, episode four must be sterek-centric.  SO THERE ;-P

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