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I don’t ship characters because they’re gay

…I ship them because of how their personalities work together

and I hate when I get called out for “only wanting to see guys make…

I absolutely understand your frustration.  It’s never fun to be painted with the same brush - I have the same feeling when I hate a female character and instantly get bombarded with accusations of misogyny.  I think the problem is, though, that when a group of people are marginalized, it’s sometimes very hard to draw the line.  Like I said, I ship both slash and het, and so it leaves me, as a member of the community, in somewhat of a weird position.  Hell, some days *I* feel guilty for shipping slash.  But I don’t know that getting upset at people trying to raise awareness of the existence of the problem is necessarily the best response.  And ugh, I hate that I just wrote that, because it sounds like I’m telling you how you should feel, and I honestly am not, promise.  I just think if you’ve looked at your actions and motivations and feel that you’re not one of the people being talked about, then you don’t have to get upset.  You can help spread awareness of the issue, too - that’s always nice.

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