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Anonymous asked:
"ditto, I thought the same about chris' eyes"

THANK YOU!  I was all wtf WHAT WILL HE BE.  And then I remembered that would make no sense whatsoever.  But THEN I remembered this is Teen Wolf.  Sense doesn’t necessarily need to be made.  So there was confusion.

Anonymous asked:
"You're a boss and seeing you on my dash/on the petopher tag makes my day. You rock!"

Thank you!!

Anonymous asked:
"I'm so glad you guys are living the domestic AU life"

OMG, Cede!  We’re a domestic AU!  I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED DOMESTIC AUS!!!

Anonymous asked:
"petopher buffyverse au where chris is giles (to an extent) and peter is ethan, convincing chris to summon eyghon with him for a high when they're young. instead of "ripper" peter calls him "hunter" and also, allison is buffy learning about his dad's past with demon summoning and peter"

I like it.  I like it a lot.

Anonymous asked:
"So I really feel that people need to stop equating sex with romantic love, because I'm aromantic and I can't figure out whether I am hetero or pansexual. Did you have any problems like this and if yes, any tips?"

I definitely feel that equating sex with love is harmful on many levels, and not just to aromantics.  When I was giving the sex talk to my daughter, one of the things I was very sure to say to her is that love has absolutely nothing to do with sex, and while they can be found together, there’s nothing wrong with finding them separately, either, as long as she’s comfortable with her choice and is making it of her own free will.

And yes, society’s insistence on equating the two has affected/damaged me.  I feel no desire to form romantic attachments, and would almost go as far as to say I’m romance adverse, but because of the way I was raised, to think of the only good sex as sex in a committed relationship, I also have a hard time not feeling guilty enjoying sex outside of a commitment.  Even though logically I know and accept there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.  It’s a continual process, as I shed the chains society and the religion of my birth “gifted” me with. 

I really don’t have any advice, except to be gentle with yourself.  Remember that none of this was learned in a day, and we can’t unprogram ourselves from our brainwashing in a day, either.  Just being able to accept and celebrate that you are aromantic is a huge step, and I send you light and love to surround you as you continue your journey.

Anonymous asked:
"Hello, not sure if you have covered this lately but when is the next chapter of your fic 'There Are Many Names In History' with babyPeter and babyChris coming out? Sorry if you have answered this question before I haven't been on Tumblr in months so I may have missed your post."
Hopefully soon.  I’ve hit a rough spot in my writing so I’m only churning out a few sentences a day.  But I am still working on it.  Wrote on it today, as a matter of fact.  I’m sorry it’s taking so long.

Anonymous asked:
"only positive thing about that episode was the kira/malia scene. hella cute dancing."

Oh they were hella cute together!  I love Malia.  I am still a little puzzled how she lived the majority of her life as a coyote and doesn’t understand basic human mores, and yet somehow knows how to go clubbing and dance and how two girls grinding together will distract the masses.

In short I love Malia and the friendship she’s developing with Kira and I hate Jeff Davis.

Anonymous asked:
"i am really and actually sorry if this is offensive but if you're aromantic, how are you in a relationship? aromanticism is a new concept for me and i'm kind of struggling to understand what it means for people. again, i truly don't mean any offense but if this is offensive i am very sorry for bothering you."

Mercedelede and I are Queer Platonics and have chosen to live our lives together.

Anonymous asked:
"soooo, now you and cede have been livin in one house for a while, how are things? hope all is going well!"

Well, you’ll have to ask Cede to get her opinion, but I think it’s going smashingly!  I know we’ve been MIA from Tumblr - we’ve just been so damn busy doing things in real life!  It’s been awesome having her here so we can actually do all the things we talked about!

Anonymous asked:
"I think this is relevant to your interests: minxinheels(.)tumblr(.)com/post/55724026489/30-days-ship-meme-day-17-a-pairing-you-never"

It is, It isssssssss!

God I love them so much.  I will never forgive the writers for mucking that up.