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Anonymous asked:
"Hey, I'm new to the fandom, and I saw your last ask. What has Ian done? I haven't heard anybody talk about him..."

The easiest thing to do is to go back through his twitter feed.  He’s made a lot of icky and borderline icky tweets over the last year or so.

Anonymous asked:
"totally agreed, and I think it seriously sucks that so many fans just gloss over what he's done"

Yeah, but he’s certainly not the only male celeb to get a pass.  I don’t hear anybody talking about how yucky Jared Padalecki has gotten recently, either.

Anonymous asked:
"i wasn't the biggest fan of isaac - though i did like him - but him leaving is so just UGHHH cos everybody's gone. now all we have from the originals is two werewolves and a stiles. sad ):"

And Lydia.  Let us not forget the wonder and glory of Lydia.

And Deaton and Chris and Peter and Melissa and Sheriff and Finstock.

Anonymous asked:
"His abs r cgi like the wolves!!!! Lmao"

I wanna bake cookies on his stomach!

Anonymous asked:
"hey, can you rec me any stisaac fic (factoring out binomials is literally the best thing in the world, btw)"

Oh man, thank you!  That series is near and dear to my heart so it means a lot when people enjoy it!

Um, tbh, I haven’t read any Stisaac in a long, long time, so I’m not really fresh on what’s out there that is good.  You might want to check out stisaaclibrary. They a really organized blog with rec lists, etc.

I’m sorry I’m not more help :(

Anonymous asked:
"I love your writing :)"

And I love you!!! <3 <3

Anonymous asked:
"can u expand on what/why/how u thought that bit of the finale was bs? i don't quite understand. love ur blog btw xx"

Thank you!

There was no need for Kate to come back.  It’s not even remotely logical.  Victoria or Jennifer would have made far more sense.  Not to mention there is absolutely no reason for her to be a WERE-JAGUAR from a bite from a WEREWOLF.  WOLVES AND CATS ARE NOT THE SAME SPECIES.  It’s fucking stupid and ridiculous.

Also, I don’t even like Derek Hale that much and even I can see the writers have absolutely zero imagination in how to move his story forward.  They seem to think the only thing they can do with him is to pile on more and more manpain.  It’s frankly gotten boring and useless.  It’s hard not to get desensitized to a character’s struggles when there is absolutely nothing but sadistic pain in their storyline.

Anonymous asked:
"is hollands hair natural?"

I’m pretty sure she’s a natural redhead.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they enhanced her color for the show.  That’s something that’s done a lot in order to keep color consistency for whatever reason.

In summary, I do not know.

Anonymous asked:
"lydias hair is not strawberry blonde. ITS FUCKING RED."


I can tell you feel very passionate about this.

Let me give you a hug.

Anonymous asked:
"Which timezone are you on? :P"

Ha ha ha MST.  So to be safe I’d say probs about 10PM my time.