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To those who feel that Allison’s actions should be excused because she’s grieving the loss of her mother, I just want to point out that Chris also lost his wife.  He not only lost her, HE HELPED KILL HER.  And he is still choosing to not follow in his father or Kate’s path.  Grief and trauma might be a reason, but it is not an excuse.  It wasn’t an excuse for Peter to kill Laura, it wasn’t an excuse for Matt to murder half the swim team, and it’s not an excuse for what Allison is doing.

Do I hate Allison?  No.  But I don’t admire her, either.  She’s wrong.  What she’s doing is horrendous.  If she wants to kill Derek? Fine.  I get that, and while I might not agree, he at least is remotely guilty.  The baby betas?  Not so much.  She not only shot them, she enjoyed giving them pain.  And that’s not okay.  Not for a woman.  Not for a man.  Not for any member of the human race.

This is not strength, any more than it was strength for Derek to change a bunch of broken kids and then use fear and intimidation to control them.  It might be power, but having power and being strong are two very, very different things.