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A lie is not a twist

Yes, Moffat. How ‘bout that.


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❝[Ian and I] have a scene coming up, and… our past abusive relationship was never addressed in the scene how it was written! And so Ian and I walk in and we’re like, really? Really? What’s going on? And so, poor Jeff, he’s got a million things on his plate, and he’s like yeah, oh… yeah. You know, I mean, it was fun though, because it allowed us to make a decision as actors, you know? It’s been fun when you play a character for almost four years now… how would you react? There’s like a natural instinct there.❞

Holland Roden on the upcoming Peter and Lydia scene (x).

Holland goes on to say that while she’d like to have portrayed some kind of PTSD from the relationship that is definitely still there, the scene time-wise (they had like, three or four seconds to look scared or shaken or something) didn’t really allow that kind of emoting.

I am so fucking unimpressed with this writing and I really hope the actors can pull it off without making it seem like the show completely brushes under the rug what was in essence a complete season of an abuse narrative that was never talked about again (except maybe once in passing).

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welcome to teen wolf where the fandom puts more critical thinking into their contributions than the writing team and every time the creator opens his mouth i want to punch small children

"Jeff Davis in not a gift" is my favorite tag ever now.


dude can we not be rude to the writer that spends his sunday night answering dumb questions about werewolf dicks

Yeah, I’m gonna agree with this. I don’t particularly like Jeff, but coming into what is essentially an online panel and screaming and yelling at him is ridiculous, childish, and frankly, disgusting. There are ways to word dissent and doubt that don’t include vitriol. Wank away on your blogs - I know I certainly do - but use your head when you’re addressing him personally. You’ll get taken a whole lot more seriously.


Interviewer: (…) We gonna ask Jeff is that was intentional. (x)

Oh, Ian. Darling. I have a list of things Jeff hasn’t thought of.


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If Davis wanted to explain and give insight into Derek’s angst, it was all already there.

Derek had a dubious-consensual relationship with a woman who manipulated and lied to him. Derek revealed crucial information to that same woman who then killed his family in a fire. Derek survived this fire and lived with the guilt of what he’d done. He watched the uncle he’d grown up with become a vegetable. Years after the fire, his sister, the only family he had left, was killed.

So. Derek’s angst does not need explaining by some half-assed, badly written backstory in which he falls in love with and kills a teenage girl. The aforementioned context already enforces his angst. A man living alone and without family, whose only surviving family, Peter, betrayed him by killing his sister (and whom Derek killed before Peter’s uncanny resurrection), who has the blood of his betas Erica and Boyd on his hands, who doesn’t trust anyone because Kate thoroughly fucked with his mind is going to be a fucked up man with problems. That was already established. We didn’t need flashbacks to give us more insight into Derek’s angst.

Derek’s entire arc is going down the toilet. Alongside his random as fuck romance with Jennifer, his willingness to trust Jennifer when he’s regularly suspicious of everyone, how Jennifer’s characterization is limited to Derek, the total absence of his and Cora’s interactions—like, CORA AND DEREK ARE SIBLINGS WHO JUST FUCKING FOUND EACH OTHER AFTER YEARS, AFTER DEREK THOUGHT CORA WAS DEAD—the unwillingness of the narrative to acknowledge Peter as the murderer of Laura Hale, Derek’s sister, killing Derek’s betas instead of giving insight into his relationship with them… You get the idea. Davis is hitching onto cheap thrills and plot points destructive of characterization instead of telling a good story. Derek’s antiheroic characterization and arc was mostly a++ the last two seasons, but now its just disintegrating into shit and I’m retreating to fic and headcanons now, bye.

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Everyone who thinks Jeff should go for the poly-triad for Allison/Isaac/Scott, raise your hand.

Jeff Davis could learn a thing or two from Chris Carter.  In rewatching the X-Files, I’m reminded of how much horrible, horrible, horrible shit happened to Mulder and Scully, and just how much they lost over the course of the show.  But Carter managed to intersperse all of that tragedy with moments of lightness and humor and hope, so that the viewer became neither desensitized nor totally overwhelmed with the darkness.  Characters grew and changed and grieved and joyed in totally believable ways.  And pain was almost always for a reason, not just to make the viewer hurt.