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I gave up trying to find skittles :(

Yeah.  Skittles is few and far between :-(

buttbucket asked:
"what the hell is the secret that Melissa, Agent McCall and the Sheriff are hiding?? What about an (possibly?) abusive drunk can possibly make Melissa look like the bad guy in this situation. Jeff Davis needs to knock it off."

Well, we have zero canon to say that Agent McCall was an abusive drunk now that Jeff has said the book is not canon, so I’m gonna put that to the side.

I do not think that Melissa is the bad guy.  I think she has fears that Scott won’t forgive her because she sent Rafael away for some reason or the other.  That’s a normal parenting fear for divorced parents.  I have that fear about my own kids.  I think Robert knowingly played on that.

Rafael doesn’t seem to want to tell Scott any more than Melissa does. But if Sheriff is encouraging him to, then I think he probs needs to.  I am inclined to think Rafael is either something supernatural, or a hunter, and Melissa saw/heard something related to that and in not understanding it, sent Rafael away.  A very SANE thing to do, especially if he wasn’t honest with her.

But it’s Jeff, so who the fuck really knows.

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parenting: you’re doing it right.


And Allydia!  And my Derek and Chris BrOTP!

buttbucket asked:
"Whos the Sprayberry guy?"

Dylan Sprayberry has been cast for season 4.  He screams HALE, and right after they announced his casting I predicted he would be Peter’s long lost son.  I’m pretty sure I was damn right.

buttbucket asked:
"Shannon I'm a little drunk but do you need me to bust some heads? You don't mess with my Petopher Queen and get away with it >:C"


I’m a little drunk now, too.  But I’m good.  I’m mainly dealing with it with rant therapy. 

P.S. I really like your avatar.

buttbucket asked:
"So shannon, do you watch walking dead at all? I'm thinking of doing a crossover fic with Teen Wolf/The Walking Dead and I just felt like sharing that hi :3"

I read the comics but I haven’t really watched the show.  But I  would be ALL OVER THAT FIC!!!  UMPH!!!


abubububu sweet babe!

I knoooooow!

buttbucket asked:
"Halewater baby pls :|"
  • Name:  Amala Hale
  • Gender:  Female
  • General Appearance: Long black hair, dark eyes, adorable smile,
  • Personality:  cautious with her affection, but once she decides you’re okay,  she can talk a mile a minute.
  • Special Talents: She has started to learn how to boulder, and Derek is teaching her how to play basketball.
  • Who they like better:  She likes Leah better.  She’s still figuring Derek out.
  • Who they take after more:  Her birth parents at this point.  She’s only been a part of Derek and Leah’s family for about a year.
  • Personal Head canon:  Her family died in a car accident when she was six.  She had no other immediate family and so was put in state care for several years, until Leah and Derek adopted her.  They had adopted Max about three years earlier.  Max is fiercely protective of Amala even though they fight like cats and dogs sometimes.  Although Amala took the Hale’s last name, they retained her birth surname as her middle name.
  • Face Claim: