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it goes against Chris and Allison’s new code “we protect those who can not protect themselves’ or whatever for them to be associated with or actually hunting the hales as they did before. If anything it would actually lead to saving Derek at least


I hold out a tiny sliver of hope that Chris is gonna bust in and save them.  That would make me happy.  And give me shivery Feels.  I mean, somebody’s gotta save them, and Allison is pretty preoccupied at the moment.

*takes image of Chris bursting through the door with weapons in hand and cuddles it to my bosom as she goes to sleep*

i have a bad feeling a lot of people are going to be possessed by the darkness and do it’s bidding to make itself stronger via pain etc and be able to take over more, turning people from their normal selves evil and act the opposite unless stopped

I…just don’t have any faith in Jeff to write a compelling storyline anymore?  Season 1 was good.  Even though season 2 HURT me and made me furious, it still was a believable story arc and development..  Three has just horrible garbage for the most part.

"ChrisPeter Anniversaries"

There’s whiskey in his glass and a cigarette in between his lips and a date on the calendar only one other person would recognize.  Most years, both of them pretend it doesn’t exist.  For six years, it was the one night of 365 that Chris got blindingly drunk.  Tonight, though, he feels like remembering.  He raises his glass, hyperaware of the shadowy figure tucked away in the far corner of the seedy bar, and toasts to all things lost and destroyed and run to ground.

He takes a drink and mutters, “Happy anniversary, Petie.”

justsmilestuffhappens replied to your post “¦But we see Jennifer in a later episode walking down the hall with…”

the end shows that in the next episode she will team up with he pack against the alphas as she has what they need for Cora

Well that is just sexy.  SEXY.  S.E.X.Y.


As the World Falls Down - David Bowie

Though we’re strangers til now, we’re choosing the path

"Ever tripped walking up stairs"


"Ever fallen asleep in public ?"


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My Tumblr Crushes:mercedelede (7%)actualwerewolflahey (5%)voicesofreasons (5%)rubykatewriting (4%)buttbucket (4%)placesbetween (3%)0wren0rion (3%)justsmilestuffhappens (3%)cheylock (3%)

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