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I just wanna do cute things with you like crush the patriarchy, fight for gender equality and help to destroy racism

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Cede has duly chastised me.

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me and my friends


me and my friends

Did Cede and I go see Blended yesterday?

Yes, yes we did.

Are we now making up a Petopher Blended AU?

Yes, yes we are.

So, yesterday morning, Cede and I took the kids to church.  And then we went home and I worked for a little while while Cede hung out with the kids.  After that we had a babysitter scheduled, so we went out for a nice dinner where we shared a few tapas plates, and then we browsed around Shopko while we waited for a movie to start.  After the movie we still had the sitter for an hour or so, so we decided to do the grocery shopping (because OH MY GOD grocery shopping is so much easier without kids along.)  The kids were in bed by the time we got home, so we just couch potatoed it out for a couple of hours and watched Food Network before heading to bed.

We are amused at how domesticated we sound these days.

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Perhaps people do not understand the import?

Peter would be very upset about not being everyone’s priority. 

It is true.  Also, perhaps everyone else’s memories are just as short as Jeff Davis’ are.

"Brooklyn Nine Nine"

Push off a cliff

Probably that police commissioner douche.  Or the Vulture.

Frick frack

Rosa.  Was that even in question??


Terry.  He just makes me happy.

Set on fire

The Vulture

Wrap a blanket around


Be roommates with

Probably Amy.  I know she’d keep my house clean and respect my stuff.

mercedelede and I got bored waiting for our food, so we made our shipping manifesto.

mercedelede and I got bored waiting for our food, so we made our shipping manifesto.