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mercedelede and I just watched the most adorable group of preschoolers perform a clogging recital.

When a person I liked and admired makes a horribly misogynistic, shaming, judging, gross post, it’s probably one of the worst feelings of betrayal I can feel about an online relationship.

I just ate an entire large pizza.  By myself.  I also drank a bottle of wine, but that’s not actually out of the ordinary.

All A’s!  ALL A’s!!!

Also, I got seven bottles of wine for graduation.  I feel like my friends know me well.

I was awarded the scholarship!!  Which means I’m going to get half the amount of my tuition deposited in my bank account!  Which is…significant.  But even more, I’m so stoked they thought of me and thought what I’ve been trying to do this last year was worth mentioning.

Ugh, just this one three page essay stands between me and graduation.  And I need to write it tonight.  And the one paragraph I have written stares mockingly back at me.  I am just burnt out.  Also, all I really want to do it mix up cookie dough and eat it raw.

The downside of being a history major is that I can’t enjoy all of these Tumblr posts talking about badass civilizations or people, because I know all the qualifiers and dark sides the posts leave out.

Guys, here is what I’m really excited about.  After next week, the only thing I’m going to have to worry about beyond parenting is my job. Which means I’ll have time to write again. 

Stop telling people what to do.

That’s all.

That’s the post.