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g   r   e   e   k      d   e   i   t   i   e   s .

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That one RP that had Isaac shipped with Kol must be so confused right now.

❝On average we have a homicide every week, so I cheer the kids up by throwing sick raves and letting them drink on campus. It’s the right thing to do.❞
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❝[Hoechlin] talked about the scene with Scott and Derek in the loft, where Scott sees the gun on the bed. He said that he believes Scott does care for Derek. “That’s what that scene was about.” During one of the takes for that scene, one they ended up not using, Posey played the scene with Scott crying. He said Posey was very intense and emotional, he worked hard on the scene, and Tyler thought it was an important moment to show how Scott did care for Derek. But “they” (the director/writers/Jeff, ) didn’t like it so they didn’t use that take. Both Tylers were very disappointed they didn’t use it in the final cut.❞
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teen wolf meets cards against humanity

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I would be so down for an episode of Teen Wolf that de-aged Peter and Chris at the same time.  Look, Jeff, you did it to Derek; you can’t close that door now.

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"i gotta say one of the nicest things about following you was seeing someone else sink into rage about teen wolf around the same time that i did"



And there is so much rage.  SO. MUCH. RAGE.


in these dark times i take comfort in this solidarity.  i can’t even hate watch it anymore.  that ship sailed when allison didn’t get a funeral.

If Chris doesn’t come back for season 5, I WILL FINALLY BE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

❝That’s actually a running joke on set. Whenever someone’s like, ‘I don’t understand why my character would do this,’ or, ‘This feels awkward,’ the director — or whoever — will be like, ‘Guys, this is a show about werewolves. Just do it.’❞
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